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  1. I have spent the last 10 years training in Australia for the winter but with the move back to London, financially it was impossible to spend another winter in the Ozzy sun.  I love Australia and it became my second home but I also needed to do something different for myself mentally, and thats when I decided to spend the winter in Mojacar Spain.  

     Back in the late 80’s and 90’s I spent my summers in this part of the world and always good had memories of this place so coming back here was very familiar to me.  

    Most days the weather is between 15-20C which is perfect for base training and to be honest I now realize that training in 30C + heat is too much for me and limits the amount of miles you can lay down each day, so even though I have been in this sport for almost 20 years I am still learning something new every year.

    Emma Pallant, Kyle Follet and Kim Morrison of Team Dillon have been my training partners this year and are showing massive improvements, these guys are the future of our sport and are looking to have a great season in 2014.  Its great to have a small team to train with, especially when you ultra tried and need the group to get you out the door.

    TDC Training Spain

    The weather here is perfect but the thing which I love the most about Spain is the Safe, quiet smooth roads we get to enjoy every day and I have to say this is the best place I have ever ridden my bike. I have seen the Belkin and other top pro bike teams training here so we must be in a good place. We even get to draft off the coaches car when we do brick sessions, you cant do that anywhere else!

    Pete, Em & Stu

    Im off to the US for April and May and my first race of the season will be South Beach Triathlon in Florida, its part of the Lifetime fitness series which I placed 2nd last year overall. While in the US I will also be aiming to qualify for the 5150 grand final in Des Moines Iowa so will be spending a lot of time moving around the USA.

    I will also be back in the UK for the Elite Super series which I always enjoy and then heading back to the US later in the year for the last of the Lifetime fitness races. I hope everyone is training well and looking forward to the season, its getting closer now, stay motivated and I hope everyone’s races go well first up.


  2. Hi,

    Its been what seems like a decade since I wrote my last blog. I had a lot of travel and racing towards the end of 2013 and then had a paint brush pretty much in my hand to help Michelle finish renovations on our house as soon as I landed back in the UK. We have made the move from Loughborough to London and Im really enjoying being back in my home town.

    As you can see from the photo below, I was so knackered from all the renovating that I needed sleep to recover in between!

    Stuart relaxing

     I will start by saying I was very happy with the end to my season, it started off rusty with a few niggling injuries that I was still trying to sort out but as I got going I managed to thankfully keep improving on each race. I did a mixture of races this year as I like to keep my foot in the faster drafting races as it helps my running and I also wanted to continue to race in the UK for my sponsors. So I enjoyed racing at Windsor and London Triathlon where I managed 2nd place in both races. I also wanted to keep the non-drafting racing going as well as I really enjoy this style and I know its where I am strongest.

    So I focused on the Life Time Fitness series as well as some of the 5150 races and although I had a bad day falling ill in the 5150 final I managed to have a fairly consistent LTF series and won my last race in Oceanside which was also double points elevating myself up to 2nd place in the series behind Cameron Dye, it was a big bonus for me.


    So when I look back at my season I learnt a lot and have taken away some things to work on this winter which I know will help me towards my 2014 season. I am excited to be racing in the Life Time Fitness series again and I will aim for something very similar to this year. I want to see what I can do on the Olympic distance non-drafting races before I step up to 70.3 and possibly Ironman.

    I must admit I am very fortunate to do the job I love, which is train every day even though I have been doing this for as long as 20 years now. You do have your bad days like any job however I know I am my own boss and get to travel the world, follow the sun, and eat pretty much what I want within reason of course. (Too many fry up’s not allowed!) Dedication is also a big factor and so you have to stay motivated all the time, even when you feel tired and don’t want to train. You get to the point where you just need a real holiday of no training and that is why its good to take a proper break at the end of every season.

    I had some time in my break to squeeze in my an awesome photo shoot with one of my sponsors and the best team around Speedo up in Wales.  We managed to capture some great shots of the Team and some of the Team Dillon athletes as well. 

    Speedo/Team Dillon

    I am now back into my miles and currently in Spain, doing something different this year with my support team and training partners and I am looking forward to the 2014 season which I know everyone is.

    Thank you to my sponsors Team Dillon Coaching, Speedo UK, View Hotels, Maxifuel and Oakley. Without your support it would have been difficult at times thank you for believing in me and sticking with me in 2014.  Will try to update more regularly.

    Happy Training Stu