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My first ever World Cup Win in Kitzbuhel

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Kitzbuhel swim cap 2010

I have been racing the ITU circuit for a long time and my closest ever win was second in 2004 at the Salford event so for me to win the ITU Kitzbuhel World Champs Series race was a very special moment and I will remember this for the rest of my life.
The day before kitzbuhel WCS I was a bit more nervous than usual and it was affecting my confidence going into the race. I was talking too much to Will Clark and Clark Ellis about how we were going to bike super hard and split the bunch this started to make me feel tired and fatigued it just shows you how the brain can really effect the body.
I woke up race day and truly thought I was going to have an absolute shocker because I felt so tired and it was all nerves how powerful the mind can be.
For my warm up I did a lap of the bike course and my legs felt quiet good so this was a positive so I thought to myself it was going to be alright if I just focused in on myself.
The Water temp was 20.6C so no wet suit swim.  I went in for a swim warm up with my wetsuit on just to keep the muscles warm.  Most of the athletes do this now especially if the water temp is on the border line of 20C. 
I had a very good start and found I was swimming fast with very little effort so I knew from that moment it was going to be a good day.  I excited the swim close to the front  and was straight away in the lead group.  My plan was to sit in the bunch and on the 3rd lap attack.  On the second lap we were caught by the chasing pack. Once we were in town coming off the cobbles I attacked and to my nice surprise was joined by Greg Bennett  (Legend Non drafter) & Maik Pertzold, Matt Chrabot and Christian Prochnow these are all very good cyclist and we formed a strong group of five then I knew it was on.  We all worked very well together and to my surprise gained almost 2 minutes on the chase pack. Onto the run I felt okay but not great I race like this all the time so my body is getting use to feeling very tired I think it has also helped me doing all those non drafting events in the states last year and earlier this year.  After 7 km of the run I knew I had the win, Gomez was catching me fast but he was running out of road so finally after many many World Cups I finally won my first World cup and it was the best feeling of my career.
I went out after the race and had some celebratory drinks, It was one too many so had to leave the disco early.  I woke up the next day still drunk with a massive hang over but it was totally worth it. Now onto Budapest next and then Dallas for its been a good season so far. 

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