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Budapest World Champs Final!

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We arrived in Budapest on the Wednesday before the race and this gave the mens elite team two whole days to settle in to our lovely 5 star hotel courtsey of British Triathlon. This is the only support they have given me all year, to be honest it was very relaxing in our hotel the food was great and the support staff were awesome.  We had a mechanic, two physio’s, a sports scientist, doctor and other members of staff which were willing to help if we had any problems. This made the lead up to the race stress free.
The day before the race we all rode the bike course in the rain which I feel was a bit of a mistake but once I was out there was no going back.  Coming into town part of the course had tram lines which I managed to get across only because I got off my bike but some athletes decided to cycle across and ended up hitting the tarmac which wasn't a very good start to their race.
Once back at the hotel I started hanging up all my cycle kit in hope it would be dry for the morning.  I had dinner and went to bed early so I could wake up early race day. I looked out the window and it was pouring with rain which was not what I was hoping.  This was going to be my first wet race of the year although I love the wet conditions  there is more of a chance to either come off your bike or to get away on the bike.  We were lucky and the British team had a car so we were driven down to avoid getting drenched by the rain but for most of our competitors they got soaked by the looks of things.  I’v always found when racing in the cold and wet it is very important to stay warm so your muscles are ready to perform when the gun goes this gives you an advantage on the others who are cold.
I had a great swim start and with having a good ranking I could be close to all the good swimmers so I could jump on the feet and the white wash.  I had a great first lap and was very close to the front, on the second lap I slipped back but I managed to scrap onto the lead pack safely.  Once I got my breath back and after avoiding the crashes I decided to try and jump up to Charbot who was off the front.  I did a lot of attacking and finally I got up to him but was joined by the rest of the field.  I kept trying to get away but it all came to nothing and had to go into the run with very tired legs.  I finished 17th and was a little disappointed but with the way I race its always a kind of a gamble and could be like Kitzbhuel where I won or like this finishing further down the field.

We all went out Saturday and Sunday night for some beers and the younger ones kicked on to the clubs including Aliaster who is not just a great athlete but a beer monster  legend as well. Onto the national champs this weekend before heading to Dallas for the final race of my season. I am looking forward to my holiday with my finacee after that something we don't do too often. 

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