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Dallas Triathlon 2010

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Dallas 2010


It’s been a long season and has ended on a great result.  I was second at the Dallas Open Life Time Fitness Triathlon.  Its always good to end on a high because it gives me more drive to train through the winter I will be training off the back of success rather than disappointment.

Myself, Jodie and Michelle arrived in Dallas on the Tuesday before the race.  This gave us 5 days to get over the flight and try to adapt to the change in time zone.  A majority of the US non-drafting races start at the crack of dawn so it really suits the British coming from the UK because it just feels like an afternoon race.

I was up three hours before the race drinking coffee and eating my breakfast just to make sure no food would come up during the race. 

Our Hotel overlooked the transition area so it was really easy to go down rack our bikes and go back to our room to relax before the race. For my warm up I ran on the hotel treadmill and cycled on the spin bike.  I went in for a swim with my wetsuit just to make sure I didn’t get cold at any point, 

There was a false start from Hunter Kemper on the swim which gave him a slight advantage but it also meant I could swim straight on his feet.  I stayed on his feet for a while but was passed by other competitors, it was a very choppy swim and a couple of athletes went off course, when swimming on feet you have to make sure the person you are following is staying on course otherwise you could be swimming further than you would have wanted.  I exited the swim with all the big names Matt Reed, Bevan Docherty, Kris Gemmel, and Philip Ospaly.  

Cameron Dye and Hunter had a couple of seconds on the main pack.  I had a good T1 but found I was chasing the swim leaders on the bike, I thought at one point I was going to miss the lead bike pack because I couldn’t catch the small group which had formed after the swim.  After 15k I managed to get within distance of the staggered formation group, you do gain a slight draft effect from the staggered rule this can sometimes be enough to drop the heart rate and allow you to go with anyone that wants to push the pace.  Hunter unfortunately crashed on one of the corners.  It didn’t look that bad of a crash but it was slow enough for him to put his arm down and break his collarbone.  Coming off the bike Cameron Dye had a lead of around 45sec.  Onto the run it was Myself, Matt Reed, Philip Ospaly, Andrew Sycafich and Bevan Docherty.  Bevan was given a 1-minute stand down for littering (dropped a gel) he had managed to catch us back up, which was very impressive.  We all ran out together and I immediately set the pace, which was a bit of a mistake, but I wanted to win and the best way is to try to hurt everyone is at the beginning.  At 5km we caught Dye so it was just me and Ospaly for the win, I kept attacking him with surges but they led to nothing. At around 7km he attacked me this was the wining move I had to settle for second.  Matt Reed was third and Greg Bennit was 4th.  I love these races because the best overall athlete wins.

I would like to say thank you to Wiggle for being such a great Sponsor this year they have provided me to two amazing Focus bikes and also all the equipment need to perform at a World Class level.

I’m having 2-week holiday in the US and one week in the UK.  Usually after 3 weeks of eating junk food, drinking alcohol and no exercise I will be keen to start my 2011 winter campaign. 

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