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Training Begins again!

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Old Deer park 10km

So I’m back into training again and its been a lot of fun. I’m back training with my old team mate Will Clarke the last time we joined forces we had a successful season with Will placing 5th at the World Champs and I was 8th. So we know we can work well together.

Some people have said to me why encourage a very close rival to train with you but for me to go to that next level I have to be pushed and also I want to see Will get back on top again.  Will is coming to Australia in December and I can’t wait to see how far our bodies can take us. He’s also a great character and brings a lot of fun to the group.

At the moment we are swimming with the High performance triathlon squad here in Loughbrough in the morning.  To be honest the new Coach Mark Pearce who once coached me is doing a good job with his new squad. I have been challenged a couple of times in the pool which is rare from British Triathlon so I hope he can turn things around for the High Performance squad and produce some results which they have not had so far in a number of years. 

For the bike and run we are doing our own special Team Dillon training run by Michelle. We have been doing all our harder work on the bike indoors just to be safe. I’m so glad I’m off to Oz in a couple of weeks, I was on a long ride the other day and it had to be cut short due to the cold wet weather.  I must be getting a little soft as in my old age! In my younger years I would have just soldiered on LOL.  I think it was because I wasn't wearing the right gloves, so you need to make sure you ask Father Christmas for new warm gloves this year if you plan to ride long.

At the weekend I took part in the Old deer park 10k. It was the worst running race I have ever done in my whole life.  The reason it was so bad was because the marshals were not directing us on the right route and I ended up going the wrong way twice!  I won the race but was very disappointed with how the organizers allowed so many people to go the wrong way.  I don't think I will ever do this race again.

I had a great bike to run session recently with Will he is such a great training partner for me.  We were watching our power on the bikes and racing each other is was great.  Then we hit the treadmills for another head to head, its great because when you start to struggle you look across to see if  Will is still hanging on then it makes you push on even more.  Michelle stands there for over 2 hours during the session and really gets the most out of us. Will's description of the session is "pure torture".  

Our next big session will be in OZ but this time there will be the heat to deal with.  This will no doubt be added pain.

We have the Team Dillon night next weekend, which is very exciting. It gives us a chance to celebrate all the success the team has had this year, Im really looking forward to it.

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