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Jan 2011

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Stu TDC run

I’m finally back on the Gold Coast training and its a great feeling to be back in the sun I must admit I am not missing the English weather right now.
I have spent the last ten years doing my winter miles here and know training out here works well for me so always come back to face the heat again.
Michelle Parent’s live in Adelaide so I spent Christmas in Adelaide this year and it was a nice change. We like to alternate each year so we can spend some time with our familys in both countries and share ourselves around!
Adelaide is as far South as you can possibly go so the weather is very dry and hot. It’s actually a very good place for training because of the large amount of running trails and its quiet hilly as well.  The only disadvantage is the lack of swimming pools but I’m only fussy because I have been spoilt by the huge amount of 50m swimming pools on the Gold Coast.  During my seven days in Adelaide I rode over some of the roads that the tour Down Under ride over every year in January. I found it really tough and now know what they must go through day in and day out during the tour.
We spent New Years with Team Dillon consisting of Will Clark, Clare Clarke, Jodie Stimpson and a few more friends Paul and Julie. We had a BBQ at Will’s apartment, which was on the waterfront and has a swimming pool so it created and lovely atmosphere. Then we went to the Casino for a couple of hours and saw the New year in and counted down three, two, one to 2011!.
Michelle & I lost one hundred dollars between us and Will won about five dollars. Jodie lost twenty dollars so I think we will stick to triathlon and do less of the gambling! LOL
Now I am back into full training and things have been going well with my new training partner Will.  So far we have done a few quality sessions and so far I can say that I am being pushed to my limits. We are both being pushed very hard which in my mind is a very good thing. Our week has just begun again so back into it and will keep you updated on how our progress is going along the way!

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