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Floods in OZ!!!!

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Stu with Kangaroo

The rain here over the last couple of weeks has been shocking.   The rain has been so heavy that the city of Brisbane which is one hour away and had to be evacuated due to major flooding. Here on the Gold Coast we have been very lucky ad avoided the floods.  Our house is about 200m from a major river and it was the highest I have ever seen it, if the rain didn’t stop when it did I think we would have been hit as well.  My heart goes out all the poor people of Queensland that have had their homes destroyed.  What I have seen as a result of this disaster is how everyone in Queensland have pulled together to help with the clean up.  There are so many volunteers available to work that some are being turned away because there are too many. 

The rain hasn’t stopped our team from pushing on even though it’s raining most days its still very warm so there are no real excuses just the odd saddle sore and as clarky would say the odd boil which can be fixed with Vaseline. 

Kathy Tremblay who is from Canada has just joined Team Dillon.  Kathy is French Canadian so her first language is French which was a total shock to me as I thought all Canadians spoke English as there first language. She speaks great English but has a French accent.  She was at the Beijing Olympics so has a lot of talent and experience. Although I think in Beijing she was happy just to be there but now she wants a medal so she decided to really put her head down this year and join Team Dillon. I think she will see a lot of improvement because her volume and intensity is going to be increased a lot, in just a few days she is seeing the benefits.

Over the last couple of days I have been hit with the Flu.  At first I thought it was a small cold but it has developed into full-blown flu and I can only lay in bed and when I get my energy back I will go down and watch the other guys train. Until I’m recovered fully.  I have been in this position many times before and know you must get better before you return to the group otherwise the sickness could stay around for a long time.

Up until I was sick things have been going really well for both myself and Will and we are already seeing PB’s in our training.  I hope to be back into it by next week, I’ve always told myself things happen for a reason I don’t know what that reason is yet but I’m sure it will come to light once I am over this small set back.

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