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Mooloolaba and Sydney WCS

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This is my second blog this year.  I have been really struggling to write blogs during my stay in OZ as I have had to deal with Injury and illness and with all that negative energy inside it’s been hard for me to write about myself. However I have returned back to the UK and I feel things are about to change so there will be no more excuses I hope just a fresh start. 

I finished 8th in Moolabaha which was quite a shock considering my form in training.  I then went onto finish 25th in Sydney World Cup.

I was suffering with food poisoning in Sydney, I felt ok before the race but then it stared to kick in during the race.  I spoke to a doctor afterwards and she said you must have eaten something during breakfast because it takes a couple of hours to hit the body.  I also asked her why I suffer more sickness than most and she said its genetics and bad luck.  During the race I had a major stomach ach and was nearly dropped on the bike but because I’m very good at placing myself in the right position in the peloton I can hide and use minimal energy out of the corners so got away with a free ride this time.  I was shocked to see some athletes get dropped they need to work harder on their biking as I was sick and still managed to stay in the pack. It wasn’t an easy course with all the rain either.

 When an athlete does something special in a race it is usually the result of a long training process that has had many ups and downs along the way.  Last year Will Clarke had a shocker of a season and he had to cut his season short because of a crash he had just before the World Cup final.  He’s put in some great training in OZ with Team Dillon and with Michelle now overseeing all his training I think he will be one to watch this year.   He finished 9th in Sydney and I can only see this top 10 becoming a top 5 and then finally a podium and this will be the result of perseverance and hard work.  Michelle is a great coach if I didn’t have her by my side I think I would have jacked this season in and even early last year when I went through some tough times I wanted to give up because this is a tough sport and when you are running for 30th place you have to question if its worth it.  However Michelle is so positive and helps me through the hardest times, She looks at things differently to me and that’s why together we are a great team. When I do something big this year it will be because she made me hang in there and keep fighting.

 My next race is the St Anthony’s Triathlon in Florida. It’s a non-drafting event that really suits me but with a week off after the Sydney World cup and a long haul flight I’m going to have to maybe train through this one and use it as a training race and stepping stone towards other races. In my lead up to St Anthony’s I will be training in Guilford England as a good friend of ours lives there.  Guildford is a great place because it has great hills to train on for the run and bike and also a brand new 50m pool. I also enjoy the great resultants and Coffee shops, would be a great place to move to one day.

Well time to put my head down now and get motivated for the races ahead, I will try to keep you more up to date.



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