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Leading into Madrid

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Leading into Madrid

I have just had a great couple of month training at home in Loughborough with teammate Will. With it being so warm in April and May we managed to get some great training in.  It really makes a big difference to the way you feel having the sun to motivate you. 

I’m finally healthy from a spell of injury and sickness. My bouts of sickness were a result of taking too many anti-inflam tablets for my Knee. I kept getting stomach problems and just thought it was bad luck but after reading Paul Radcliffe’s book she had the same problems before Athens Olympics which caused her melt down. 

My knee is starting to settle down from good massage from Michelle, regular physio work and exercises to strengthen the surrounding knee muscles.  So finally I’m back on track!

I popped down to Guilford and went to Vines BMW to pick up my new X1 this is a temporary car until my brand new X3 arrives in October.  The X1 is a great car it has loads of room for the bikes, which makes it the perfect car for triathletes.  The X1 is Diesel and I can’t believe how much money Im saving on fuel.  The car looks so cool that when I got out of it the other day a bloke on the street asked me if I was a famous track and field athlete so this car gives me the look I have always wanted! lol.

I have also just received my new R1 Scott bike, what can I say what a bike! Its stiff and light and looks great. It’s been a while since I used a bike which is so stiff and light like this one so I am hoping its going to make a difference to my ride in races. 

My last race was St Anthony’s tri it was the second race of the 5150 series and has the most amount of points available to qualify for the World final in Des Moines Iowa. I placed 4th which was a big shock considering the lack of form I had been showing in training over the last couple of months so I was very pleased with this result.  My next 5150 events will be 5150 Liverpool which I last raced in 2004.  It will be a strange feeling racing a non-drafting event in the UK .  When I first stared tri it was all about non-drafting so I’m going back to where it all began.

I was due to race Strathclyde but pulled out because of my tendonitis in my knee.  The cold magnifies the pain so it was best I just waited until Madrid.

Michelle has just been asked by the BTF to go into a coaching role at the Madrid World Cup which Is great news. Michelle is already coaching four World class athletes on the WCS circuit so can only add to the team and pass on her knowledge. I have a good feeling about this weekend and I’m finally excited to race again.

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