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2011 coming to an end

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I would have to say 2011 was the toughest season of my career yet and to be honest I’m glad its behind me but I definitely feel like i have learnt a lot about my body this year which will help me in the future.

After winning my first ever World Cup Super Series event in Kitzbuhel in 2010 i felt motivated to train hard from the start of my winter block training, but this actually turned out to be a bad move and resulted in a very tight hamstring and tendonitis in my right knee which was just the beginning of what was to come.  

 I managed my injury the best i could throughout the winter, i was using voltaren anti- inflammatories to get through most of my key sessions and I was also having lots of massage treatment. Then i discovered i was allergic to voltaren which made a lot of sense as i constantly had gut problems on a daily basis. So here i was using anti-inflammatories to help me train through my injury yet i was making myself sick at the same time i got  really run down and had to take a whole 2 weeks off my important winter block training. 

So I was starting off the season with not the winter block of training i had hoped for with injury and sickness and taking valuable time off. Over the season i did see a number of, physio’s, masseurs and doctors while i was training and racing but no one really had the answer to help me move forward so i knew then and there it was going to be a long season and it hadn’t even really began. 

Despite this i did have some great races which showed towards the end of the year when i started to hit some form when i placed 3rd in the Hy Vee Des Moines 5150 final which is the unofficial non drafting World Championships, as you can imagine i was very pleased considering i had not been able to push really hard in most of my key sessions in training. After the race though i did not pull up the greatest, i had a major tooth ache which ended up being diagnosed a tooth infection which needed root canal surgery, so disappointment crept in again and therefore there was no making it to the start line for Beijing ITU triathlon world cup final which is one of my qualifying races for Olympic selection.

I have now just come off a much needed 3 week break feeling refreshed and I am back into light training. I also have a great strength and conditioning program which is sorting my leg out, so i am feeling in high spirits and i am very excited for the 2012 season.  I know although this year will require a lot of hard work and dedication as per usual, I can’t help but think it might be a little easier than last year. 

We also have some new members in Team Dillon for 2012 and if things go right I have every chance to make the British Olympic Team this year which would be wonderful.

Michelle and I are also getting married on the Gold Coast in January which is also very exciting, so 2012 is definitely going to be starting off on a high so lets hope it stays like that the whole way through. Bring on 2012 I say!!!!

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