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Falling off your bike!

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Hi Everyone,

 I can’t believe it’s March already. Our time on the Gold Coast is flying. We have a great squad out here with so much talent and depth. We can all help each other in sessions in different ways and we’re all getting stronger together!  February was an interesting month for me! I taught myself a few lessons!

A couple of weeks ago I was riding back from swimming with my towel over my shoulders. The towel got caught in my breaks and I came flying off my bike. Stupidly, I wasn’t wearing a helmet and hit my head pretty hard.  Before I knew it, a lump the size of an apple was bulging out my head. All I could think about was what a fool I’d been for not wearing a helmet. I cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your head, even if you’re just getting on your bike for a short commute. I was lucky my head wasn’t even more damaged. Here are a few pics of my swollen head, took them while sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours at the hospital!

Head fall 2

Annoyingly, I also hurt my wrist. I landed on it when I came off my bike and it hasn’t been right since. Thankfully this happened after our wedding!!

Head fall 1

But, not all is negative! I have still been able to train and have been doing everything I can. When you’re injured, it’s all about how you manage your injury. The great thing about triathlon is that you can always do at least one of the disciplines if you are injured. So I’ve still kept up my training and am clocking up the miles for my solid winter training block.  It feels strange to call it winter, when it’s so hot out here!

The next few weeks will be exciting as we head into race season. The squad is coming into great shape and I can tell we are going to have some awesome results this year.

Check out the ‘Team Dillon Swim Tips’ You Tube video that Hollie Avil and myself made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7CJttRFY5g&feature=youtu.be . I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by Speedo UK and am loving all their swim gear out here. The 2012 Speedo wetsuit is one of the best suits I’ve ever swum in! I’m looking forward to racing in it this season.

Happy Training,



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