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March Blog

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had a bike crash! The crash stopped me doing my normal training routine for a couple of weeks. When I look back, I think I managed it pretty well. I learnt a lot how you can still train really well, even when you have an injury! For this blog, I thought I’d write a bit about managing training with injuries. 

My first tip is to stick to your the program. I train with my squad, Team Dillon, out here and we are all on the same program, each day, every day. When you’re injured, you can’t do every session, but you must do what you can with the group! Having a group around you helps you stay motivated and positive.  If you can’t run, still make sure you do every swim and bike with the squad still.  Perhaps your coach wants you to ride more when you can’t run. If that’s the case, you can just add on extra to the end of the squad ride. It’s the same for swimming too! 

One thing I’ve learnt is to not rush your recovery. If you’re told not to bike for three weeks, don’t bike for three weeks. It’s sometimes tempting to bike sooner than when you’re told, but don’t do it. From my experience, you’ll just land yourself back in square one. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Always be over cautious. 

I cannot stress how important it is to have a rehab program. Get yourself to a physio and get yourself a set of exercises that can help you strengthen you’re target areas.  Strengthening your problem areas will help prevent your injury from happening again.  A rehab program also helps to keep you occupied, especially if you can’t train as much.  Also stay on top of sports massage! 

Be honest with your coach. You have to give your coach honest feedback about how your injury feels each day. I know it’s tempting to say everything feels okay, but fibbing won’t get you anywhere. If you’re honest, your coach can help you get back to full training quicker! Also, you can both learn a lot about how long your injuries take to heal. Some people can get over their injuries quicker than others. This will be useful for the future. 

My last tip is to keep yourself distracted. Sometimes when we’re injured we can get pretty down.  Our heads can be our own worst enemies sometimes. Try and distract yourself with a book or a DVD.  In between training, maybe meet a friend for a coffee or head to the cinema. Obviously don’t do things that will determent your training (like laying on the beach in the sun all day!), but do what you can to keep the mind active.  

Injury is part and parcel of an elite athlete. I’ve had many in my time. But like they say. That which does not kill you, can only make you stronger!

So it’s not long now to till my race season kicks off. Mooloolaba is in a couple of weeks! Not only is it a great race, but there’s an awesome atmosphere there too. Our whole squad is going down, so it will be a great weekend. I love the course in Mooloolaba too. It’s tough and honest! 

Next up is Sydney! Two reasons I’m looking forward to Sydney: One being the race, two being the hotel! This year I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by View Hotels. They have a great hotel in Sydney, which I’ll be staying in when we go there. It makes all the difference when you can stay in a comfy and enjoyable place! Especially before an important race. It’s all about rest and recovery! 

Stay positive, 


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