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My First Olympic Games!

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Sorry I haven’t blogged sooner, the past few weeks have been mad!

Since the announcement of the GB Olympic Triathlon team, it’s been all go! There’s been no time to sit still.

 I can not put into words how happy I am for being selected for the Olympics. I’ve been in the sport for twelve years and have missed out on the Olympics twice. I finally feel that all my hard work, determination and dedication has paid off.

Olympic Games team 2012!

Making this Olympics is pretty special for anyone but for me it just feels even more special. It’s in London, my home town, my family will be there with me who just live down the road.

I’m honored to have been given this opportunity and am excited to race in front of all my family and friends on home soil. Triathlon is one of the events that is free too, so I know there will be plenty of supporters that I know in the crowd! There’s nothing like a home crowd advantage.

My career has been a bit of a roller coaster, especially around the Olympics! In 2004, I was selected as a reserve, although disappointed, it was great to watch my wife Michelle and see her finish an outstanding 6th place. In the Olympic trials in Madrid 2008, I had a double puncture; I really couldn’t believe my bad luck there. That was hard for me to deal with as I was in really good shape. But you have to pick yourself up quickly and focus on another goal, that I did and was pleased with how my year turned out.

I have been selected in the GBR team as the third member alongside Ali and Jonny Brownlee to enhance our chances of winning a medal. These two are great athletes and in the lead up to the Games, I will be training alongside them in Leeds and in Europe. I’m looking forward to some tough miles! I’ve heard lots about Yorkshire and it has already lived up to my expectation, it’s a great place and can see why they live there and love it so much.

I raced in Kitzbuhel Austria this weekend at the WCS race just to test my fitness with the boys and everything turned out well, Al won from Johnny, the two put in some amazing performances, especially after Al was returning from a bad Achilles injury. They are the best in the world and showed pure class this weekend. It was great to have been out there racing with them and contributing on the bike section. We can safely say they are back to their best and excited for Aug 7th!


 I would like to thank all my sponsors who I know I don’t get the opportunity to very often. However without them it would make things difficult at times. A big Thank you to View Hotels, Vines BMW, Maxifuel, Speedo UK, Oakley and Scott. A special thank you goes to Team Dillon, my wife and coach, Michelle. Michelle has been my rock, always believing in me, always pushing me on and I couldn’t do it without her. I’m privileged to have such a great team of sponsors behind me and are part of my exciting journey to London.

Im now in St Moritz with the Brownlee Brothers, where we are doing our final preparations before the Games. I will keep you updated where I can.

Dreams can come true, You just have to believe & persist with hard work!


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