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I haven’t yet written a blog since London triathlon because I just wanted to get away from triathlon for a little bit.  Triathlon consumes my life, so I wanted  a bit of down time with a much needed holiday in Spain, so that I would be ready for hard training during the winter.  I’v also had some injury problems which i picked up when I tried to cram a running block in after the Olympics, so these problem have to be address before I start training hard again. I will be spending a lot of time with the my physiotherapy designing a strength and condition program which will reduce the chance of injury in the winter.  I have used strength and conditioning coaches in the past, but have found what works best for me is working with the physioperapist.  I’m a very fragile athlete in terms of muscle strength and I need to make sure  that I’m doing things absolutely right before I start up again.

Michelle and I decided to go on holiday to Spain this year.  I spent most of my summer on holidays in Mojacar Spain when I was a kid growing up and haven’t been back since.  A lot has change since I was cruising around in my speedo’s in the 90s.  It’s a lot more built up with loads more hotels and bars but its still a very relaxing place and with it being October most of the tourist have gone home, its just the retired brits and locals but that is the way I like it these days.


 I know on holiday your not supposed to train but I’v realized how much I actually love to exercise and when I don’t I get very grumpy, so it looks like I will be doing exercise for the rest of my life, I did take two weeks off before I went away, so can’t keep the body guessing too much.

I will be training in Australia this winter and will be looking at training in Spain when I return in May after spending 10 days here I have realized it will be a great place to do some prep work before hot and humid races in Europe and the US.  The bike terrain is also exceptional, so would also be a great place to build some extra strength.

I have two big nights planned before christmas the team Dillon night and the BTF annual awards night which is being held at the British Motor museum in Birmingham.  I have seen the BTF dinner go from a small awards night with around 50 people and now is a night hosted by Steve Cram and held at a major venue this shows how much triathlon is growing in the UK.

I hope you are all training well, and getting ready for your winter training season ahead, if you are looking for a new triathlon coach or not sure what direction to go in, come and talk to one of our coaches at Team Dillon coaching. www.teamdilloncoaching.com



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